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Labor Day Boat Regatta

September 5

  • Participants will work in teams of 2 to build a boat and paddles using only cardboard and tape. 
  • Boats will be built in advance of the event.
  • Register at pnabors@mtvcountryclub.com
  • On event day, you will board your boat and race to the finish line.


  •  Boats must be pre-built. You can “fine tune” at the event site.
  • Boat structure must be made ONLY of cardboard and duct tape.
  • Untreated cardboard tubes and blocks are permitted.
  • NO industrial or waxed cardboard is permitted.
  • Duct tape with color and pattern print is permitted.
  • Please DO NOT use paint in any form.  Use colorful duct tape in place of paint.
  • You may attach additional decorations with duct tape.
  • Decorations should not be used as structural or flotation elements or contain paint.
  • Cardboard cannot be sealed with paint or sealants.
  • Fastening material is to be duct tape only.
  • No wood, plastic, rubber, inflatable devices, Styrofoam, fiberglass, or plastic may be used for boat structure.
  • No caulking, two part or mixed adhesives, glues, or epoxy.
  • No electrical, gasoline, benzene, propane, or other chemical or electrical propulsion systems.
  • Hull wrapping in duct tape is allowed.
  • Costumes are encouraged.
  • Design is left to the builders. Do not enclose the boat in a way that would impede exiting the vessel when in the water.
  • Participants should also construct 2 paddles from cardboard and duct tape. Pool noodles may also be used. These are what will be used to propel you across the pool.
  • Boats should be no larger than 60″ wide and 84″ long.
  • Boats should be free of sharp edges, pointy objects, or anything else that could cause injury.



September 5
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8927 Martinsburg Road
Mount Vernon, OH 43050 United States
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